India's Harnaaz Sandhu Wins Miss Universe 2021


Heartiest congratulations to ‘Harnaaz Sandhu’ for bringing the glory to Nation

After 21 (3) years, India (12/3) gets back the glory in hands of Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu (57/3), which in turn is the third (3) miss universe title for India

Peeping into her victory with the lens of numerology,

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu (57/3) popularly known as Harnaaz Sandhu (46/1). Her first name, ‘Harnaaz’ adds to 22/4, a master form of number 4 with intense feminine energy in the form of Number 2 ruled by Moon and, a water element.

The event took place on Dec 12, 2021 (3 and 2) with results coming in the early hours of Dec 13, 2021 (4 and 3).

Both the date of the event and the date of the result were in perfect sync with her name.

Her first letters from the first name and second name from popular name i.e., H (Number 5) and S (number 3) along with the full name number of popular name (Number 1) was forming an excellent relationship to event dates and forming a perfect blend to create history

The mighty combination of 1, 3, and 5 in her name was forming a Raj Yoga and which got support from other numerological parameters

PS: Since the publicly available date of birth can’t be relied completely upon, hence, we have only used her name to look at the reasons

"My heart breaks to see how nature is going through a lot of problems, and it is all due to our irresponsible behaviour. I totally feel that this is the time to take action and talk less. Because our each action could save or kill nature. Prevent and protect is better than repent and repair and this is what I am trying to convince you guys today." said Harnaaz