How to Weigh Less by sleeping more

Are you pushing yourself to the limit to cut down that flab, yet failing miserably? Maybe your diet and exercise need shut-eye sessions as a companion to help achieve your weight goals.


Experts confirm that while skimping on sleep tricks you into overeating, untimely caffeine doses, and lazing out over moving it to torch the unwanted calories, sleeping tight could help you burn calories even better.

The Hormone Play

Lack of sleep could very much oscillate your hormones that play a crucial business in your weight loss.


Ghrelin is the hormone that triggers hunger in your brain.

Leptin walks in to give you a sense of fullness and commands the latter to walk home. These hormones goof up when you spend a trail of bad sleep nights, and you end up chewing more than your system needs to ingest as the aftermath and your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) begin to slim down. To top it up, cortisol, the stress hormone augments your appetite.


Belatedly, this play cooks up a scrumptious recipe for those extra kilos to dine inside your body.


Penetrating the sleep stages.


Stage 1 - the drowsy stage where you make a transition from alertness to rest.


Stage 2 - the light sleep stage stimulates rhythmic brain waves to drop your body temperature and heart rate.


Stage 3 - the deep sleep stage sets in deeper brain waves and builds a stage for many bodily repairs.


Stage 4 - the stage you need to be in to get rid of fleshiness. It's the REM sleep stage that opens the gateways to dreams inside your brains when you sleep through the early morning.


Know that cutting on your sleep time to shun REM is just not the wise call to make, and stretching your slumber to 7-9 hours is. Many studies back this up as a good sleep practice.


Practice Sleep Hygiene.

Getting quality sleep fuels, the functioning of your body and brain. It monitors your calorie intake, regulates mood, betters insulin processing, and keeps you off from a dozen ailments.

Dozing off could be tricky as seldom does the infatuation for your gadgets comes in the way. A few routine changes are all you need to practice sleep hygiene.

·   Commit yourself to a sleep schedule even over weekends.

·   Exercising and eating well always help.

·   Listening to binaural beats customized to individual with their Date of Birth & Name helps in enhancing sleep quality

·   Napping during afternoons should be a big no.

·   Watch your caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine intake when close to retiring in your bed.

·   Use your bed for just sleep and making out. Putting your snooze area for other stuff could lure your brain to stay active even in the hours when you need to shut it off.

·   Resort to calming activities, read a book, journal your thoughts, or meditate to call upon sweet dreams.

·   Turn off the lights and your environment comfortable to tug into the arms of deep sleep.


As the last word, wholesome sleep habits go a long way in maintaining a healthy weight.