Natural Ways to Improve your Sexual Life with your Partner

Physical intimacy is a beautiful language of love that only strengthens your bond with your partner. The intimate times with your partner are a remembrance of the attachment and connection you have for them when they are not around. While the physical intimacy or the sex life between partners is a very sacred thing, several individuals have wrong notions around it and hence have negativity in their relationship.

For a successful and healthy bond between two people, they must have a good sex life. To get rid of any negativity in your partnership or to overcome a troubled sex life, one needs to develop a sense of self-actualization and love for each other.

How to know if it is Toxic?

If your partner guilt trips you due to any of the following reasons, know that you are in a toxic relationship.

Sex when you don’t feel like having it- As a partner, one must remember that having sex when you do not feel like being intimate will not add any meaning to the intimacy and will lead to a rift between the parts. Hence, it is best to say no if you don’t feel like it at the time and only engage in intimacy only when you are ready for it.

Sex where you are not satisfied: If you do not feel satisfied with your intercourse, it is best to discuss it with your partner. Remember fake orgasm is no orgasm and you do not need to do anything forcefully.

Sex where you just want the act to end: If you are not into the act, you better be out of it. The key is to either be all in or all out, hanging in there doesn’t help in this case.

Sex when you do not feel physically or mentally well: If you feel like you are not physically or mentally well enough to have sex, stay out of it and say no when you need to.

Ways to Deal with It

1. Self-awareness: Know each other and educate yourself about the interests, desires, and fantasies of your partner. Simple insight about the nature of each other based on astrology can help you learn a lot about each other.

2. Proper communication: It is essential to talk with each other and understand the apprehensions or fears in the mind of each other. Clear and transparent communication can fix numerous things

3. Trust each other: The most essential element to be in this journey is trusting each other and the pillar of trust lies in effective communication.

4. Relax your mind and practice Kegel Exercise: Before having sex, play a game or go out to dinner to have better communication and a soothing time together. Alternatively, you can try yoga or meditation. Both men and women can improve their sexual fitness by exercising the pelvic floor muscles. To do these exercises, contract the muscle that you would use if you tried to stop the urine in the center of the stream. Hold the contraction for two to three seconds, then release. Repeat 10 times. Try to do five sets a day.

5. Crystals: Crystals since ancient times have been used to improve sexual energy. To harness the energy, place raw Carnelian in your house or build a crystal grid to augment the stone's energy. Wear Carnelian jewelry to let the vitality of these crystals help your energies grow positively.

6. Following healing codes can be used to improve the sexual life

56 12 147

00 53 111

21 42 14314

To harness the energy, make a heart with a blue and orange pen, and write these codes within the heart. In the center, mention the name of self and partner and place it below the pillow of each other

The above tips can help you improve your sexual life which will not just add happiness in your life but will also build the foundation of a longer and healthier relationship with your partner.