Pink Opal: 6 Life Transforming Benefits

‘Pink Opal’ also referred as ‘spiritual awakening crystal’ attributed to the strong vibrations and energy it carries.

6 Life Transforming Benefits

Pink opal is one of the most powerful crystals that activates and unlocks the heart chakra, calms the aura, and gives a gentle vibration.

Pink opal is known for purifying the heart and accepting everything that weighs heavily on us. Only when you can accept what has happened can you move on and grow from there

It helps in self-healing at all levels and rejuvenates the emotional body and aura.

It's the perfect stone for those who are suffering from sadness, especially those who are broken hearts. This crystal encourages us to look inside and strengthen our connection with our inner self. Enhancing this connection, evolves a person to emerge stronger

Pink opal gives you a sense of personality and at the same time shows that you and your heart are really strong. As you turn inward and start working on yourself, the emotional tensions in your heart and mind begin to ease.

Pink opal is a great stone for children who are anxious, afraid, shy and hindering their start of life. This stone calms the child's mind and provides a vibration to open the child's mind. Most toddlers are unaware that their hearts are closed. This crystal is here to open your heart to the beauty of life. If you are constantly suffering from nightmares and night terrors, it is advisable to put the piece under your child's pillow. The calming effect of pink opal is directly linked to the spirit of the toddler and provides protection with an endless ray of love.

Transform your life with the unique and majestic benefits of ‘Pink Crystal’