Silver Flute & Lord Krishna - Magic To Bring New Love Vibes In Family on Radha Ashtami

Lord Krishna, also fondly called 'Kanha', 'Laddoo Gopal', and 'Murlidhar', is a Hindu deity—the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. One of the most well-known and highly respected of all Indian deities, he is the deity of love, compassion, protection, and kindness.

The life journey of Krishna is incomplete without mentioning about Radha Rani.


As per beliefs, the worship of Krishna is incomplete without worshipping Radha Rani.


The celebration of Janmashtami is incomplete without celebrating Radha Ashtami.

According to the Hindu lunisolar calendar, Radha Ashtami is celebrated in Bhadrapada Masa on the Ashtami tithi coincident in Shukla paksha.


Flute and Shri Krishna

The flute, known by several names such as 'Bansuri' and 'Murli' in different languages, is revered as Lord Krishna's divine instrument. It is often believed that keeping a flute adjacent to a picture of Lord Krishna will bring happiness, fortune, and joy.

The love of Shri Krishna is legendary in many ways, and the flute was lucky enough to remain close to Shri Krishna and his nectarean lips.

In addition to being one of the most loved possession of Shri Krishna, the flute is considered of high relevance and significance in Vaastu Shastra as well.


Silver Flute & Love Vibes

The silver flute can be used to reenergize the bonds between couples and families and enhance their love and passion for each other.


Silver Flute for Couples


a)    Silver flute helps to clear turmoil and misunderstandings between couples in a strained relationship.


b)    Offering a flute made of pure silver to Lord Krishna on the day of Radha Ashtami and then placing it on your bedside table the second day will help in bringing clarity to relationships and enhance communication between you and your partner, thus bringing bliss to your marital life.



c)    A pair of silver flutes should be hung on the bedroom door or the bedroom's front wall for a happy marriage.


d)    Position the flute towards the north to add sweetness to marital relations and end the alienation between the husband and wife.



e)    It will be helpful if you place a silver flute next to the head while you sleep in the event of emotional strain or a breach between the husband and wife.



Silver Flute for Family Love & Bond


a)    Hanging a pair of silver flutes at the front door will enhance familial bonds and boost affection among family members, promoting love and happiness. This also enhances the prosperity of the family.


b)    Install a silver flute on one of the walls of the drawing room to attract tranquillity, abundance, and prosperity.


c)    Silver flutes also enhance the growth of progenies of families wherever they are.


Silver Flute for Self-Love


a)    Many times, one loses their loved ones, and this has been the case with multiple families during the pandemic. Post such traumatic incidences of life, the individual loses shine and enthusiasm towards their own life.


b)    Offer a silver flute decorated with yellow & golden clothes and peacock feathers on the Radha Ashtami to Shri Krishna and Radha Ji and post pooja; keep it with you. This enhances self-love and infuses motivation and revitalizes the passion for life.




The Journey Ahead 

Apart from the benefits listed above, keeping a silver flute at home also attracts wealth, success, progress, and stability and relieves mental tension, improves health, and helps in the growth of the business. Don't forget to bring a silver flute just in time for Radha Ashtami to revolutionize your life!