India's first voter Shyam Saran Negi passed away, had voted only two days ago

District Election Officer Abid Hussain Sadiq told that a red carpet was laid to bring Negi to the postal booth built in the courtyard of his house.  After voting his vote was sealed in an envelope and put in the ballot box.

Shyam Saran Negi, the country's first voter, who guided the entire country and made the youth aware of voting, died at 2 am today.  He fulfilled his last wish by voting even before leaving this world.  He had realized that now he has to leave this world, only then he had demanded from the administration that on November 2, he would vote from home.

According to the information, when the administration asked him from where will you vote, then he said that like every time, this time also I will vote from the polling booth of Kalpa Primary School, but due to ill health, he felt that now from this world.  Have to leave.  Therefore, he appealed to the district administration that now he will vote from his home.  He has given a message to the entire country and the voters of Kinnaur by voting in this assembly for the last time.

Giving information about his death, Deputy Commissioner Kinnaur Abid Hussain Sadiq said that the country's first voter Shyam Saran Negi has passed away, which is sad for the whole country and Kinnaur.  He said that he would get full respect from the administration.  He said that all the administration officials and police officers would be present at his last rites and the last farewell would be given with full state honours.

 As soon as the news of Negi's death was received, people started thronging his house since morning to have his last darshan.  Negi left behind three sons and five daughters.  Received information that the state Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur consoled his grandson by talking to him on the phone.

Born in 1917, Negi has voted in the Lok Sabha elections 16 times since 1951.  He is also the election icon of Himachal since 2014.  Negi has voted in every election since 1951.  The first voter had put it in the ballot box in an envelope in the postal booth built in the courtyard of the house for the first time.  Saran Negi remained the icon of not only Himachal but the country.  Even after the age of 106, his passion to vote is a proof of the importance of every vote in the strengthening of democracy.