State level agitation of Rajasthan Dhanka Mahasabha in Jaipur on 2nd April

 State level agitation will be organized in Jaipur on 2nd April to protest against the continuous neglect of the economically weak paddy community which comes under the category of tribes, which will be started at the district level by demonstrating in all the district collector's offices and handing over the memorandum.  Dhanka Samaj has continuously submitted hundreds of letters and memorandums to the Chief Minister, MLA, Collector for the following demands from the Congress Government, but till date, by not accepting even a single demand, the future of the young generation of Dhanka Samaj has plunged into darkness.

 1. Continuous demand for land for youth hostel.

 2. Ban on caste certificates of Dhanka Samaj again and again.

 3.  Why did Dhanka become Dhanka on the portal of caste certificate?

 4.  From 1952 till today, MLA ticket was not received.

 5. In the Scheduled Caste Commission, the Paddy community was always deprived.

  6. Not a single member of Dhanka Samaj was taken in Marwar Kshatriya Tribal Development Board.

 7. Ignoring the demand for formation of Paddy Development Board.

 8. Dhanka society was deprived of food security.

 9.  The government did not make any special effort to develop the economically weak paddy community in the interest of the youth.

 10.  Dhanka community's demand for giving 5% special status in caste reservation.

 Preparations are being made for the movement by talking to the district level office bearers of the society regarding the above demands.  In the last 15 years, the governments tried to endanger the society by creating many problems in front of the Dhanka society, the youths are not getting any platform to move forward, the government is kind to the selected castes in the caste, but few,  Never focused on the weak, uneducated class.  There has always been politics of votes, now Dhanka Samaj is worried about the future of the youth.  The Central Executive will decide our strength, which party and government will be formed.