Youth power should work to take the country to its ultimate glory: Shekhawat

 Union Minister of Jal Shakti, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat called upon the youth to use their strength and potential to take India to its ultimate glory. Adopt any kind of career in life, but definitely decide your role in the development of the country.

 Joining the Model United Nations 3.0 at Mahaveer Public School, encouraged the students. Heard the views of the school students in the student parliament and heard the views of Yuva Shakti. Union Minister Shekhawat was overwhelmed by attending this wonderful event at Mahaveer Public School, how enthusiastically the new generation wants to join the world's largest ancient democracy. In the Gyan Vid Yuva Shakti Samvad program, Shekhawat said that today India's respect has increased in the whole world. India is passing through a period of change. All the developed countries of the world are in crisis due to their increasing average age and declining population.We are fortunate that 60 crore population of our country is below thirty five years of age. All the changes that have happened around the world have all happened through youth. When Mahatma Gandhi also started the struggle, he was in his thirties of life.

 He said that today we are moving in a positive direction. It has been 75 years since the country got independence. Now the time of the coming 25 years has been termed as Amritkal by our Prime Minister. Now this period of 25 years is an opportunity to accomplish what we could not do in the last 75 years, in this period. Now it's time to fulfill your dreams. Now is the opportunity for us to contribute, not to sacrifice for the country. It is the responsibility of the youth that whatever has not been done till now in taking the country to the highest glory. Be determined to do it.

 He said that every youth has his own dream about career. Some want to go into the science stream, some want to go into fine arts and make their career. But our real goal of education should be to make the country prosperous and youth have to carry forward this inspiration in the coming 25 years. During this, Minister Shekhawat interacted with the students for a long time and also answered their questions. School Management Committee member Bharat Kanungo co-secretary Rachna Kanungo welcomed. Principal Smt. Swati Mehta expressed vote of thanks.