Congress leader Sachin Pilot said the country's parliament does not function and religions are spreading hatred in the name of parliament

Congress leader Sachin Pilot said the country's parliament does not function and religions are spreading hatred in the name of parliament.

New Delhi: Recently, the Congress has started giving its reaction to the objectionable speeches given in the Parliament of Religions in various cities.  Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot has expressed displeasure over these statements.

Sachin Pilot told in a conversation with IANS that the Parliament of the country does not function and in the name of Dharma Sansad, people wearing the cloak of religion are speaking such language and insulting Mahatma Gandhi and praising Godse.  He also spoke on the Election Commission's visit and the condition of Congress in the UP elections.

In fact, in the past few days, many sadhus had spoken of being in danger of Hinduism by organizing the Dharma Sansad.  At the same time, a comment was made about Mahatma Gandhi in it. On this, Sachin Pilot said that these people are trying to create a conflict with these statements.The person may be of any religion, but if you talk about unrest, violence, then it should be denied and action should be taken to be a person of any religion. How can you call a person who insults Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, as a religious guru.

Are such statements made in view of elections? In response to this question, Sachin Pilot said that, I agree that when elections come, such things are given importance and always some people want to give importance to religion, mosque-temple because You are not able to take votes on development.To come in the headlines, you say anything and provoke people and mislead people on real issues, but the public is understanding everything.Now people will not allow to try to divide because now people will vote on the issues.

On the other hand, in view of the increasing influence of Corona, a meeting of the Election Commission and the Ministry of Health has been held recently on the upcoming assembly elections and the commission is also trying to know the situation by visiting Uttar Pradesh.  On this whole issue, Sachin Pilot said that the decision on postponing the election will be of the Election Commission, the Election Commission should appear independent.At the same time, one should not work under anyone's pressure and it is true that BJP's ground is slipping in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

He further said that whatever decision the Election Commission takes, it will be followed, but the health and life of the people have to be protected.Everyone has seen the situation that happened in the second wave of Corona, they cannot ignore it.On the condition of Congress party and Priyanka Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh elections, Sachin Pilot said that if the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister go, thousands of people come, they are allowed.If Congress does any program then it is placed under arrest.Congress is in a position to give a better alternative and we are working very hard.Under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi, we will get an edge in UP and there will be surprising results.

Credit - Dinesh Gurjar