Questions are being raised on law and order due to the murder of a lawyer in Jodhpur!

Jodhpur :- 

 The police could not solve the case of murder of the son even in two years and today the father was also murdered.  This case has been registered in Police Station Mata Ka Than.

    Advocate Jugraj Chauhan was murdered on Saturday evening.  In August 2020, his 18-year-old son Lokesh Chauhan also died in a suspicious accident.  Advocate Jugraj had expressed the apprehension of his son's murder even then.  Police investigation of that case of death of son Lokesh is still pending with ACP Mandore Rajendra Diwakar and today advocate Jugraj was stabbed to death and hit with a stone.  Since the Chief Minister was on a visit to Jodhpur, the police commissionerate's former circle caught two accused while saving their skin, while lawyer Jugraj kept accusing these accused of killing his son Lokesh and the police has been denying it for two years.

      The quarrel is of a plot.  Advocate Jugraj, a resident of Bhadwasiya, got the plot vacated seven to eight years ago by the order of the court.  It is said that since then lawyer Jugraj was having a rivalry with Anil Chauhan and Mukesh Chauhan.  On August 12, 2020, during the Corona period, the lawyer's son Lokesh was returning home with a juice cart (lorry) when a car came speedingly and crushed Lokesh and went away.  Advocate Jugraj had two sons, among them Lokesh was the younger one.  Jugraj had expressed apprehension of killing his son.

    The Mahamandir police registered a case of accident and after investigation registered the F.R.  Advocate Jugraj told it to be murder.  Many evidences were presented, CDs were also given.  He went around the police more than a hundred times.  Nagauri Gate police also investigated, now the file is lying with ACP Mandore for nine months without any result.

      Today around 6 pm, advocate Jugraj returned home from his bike that two people stopped him, threw him off the bike and stabbed him.  When the lawyer fell on the road, the accused also hit him with a stone and killed him.  Police say they have arrested two people.