Rajendra Sankhla, coordinator of Bhairav ​​Vatika Hostel, Jodhpur, took charge

Rajasthan :-

 Nakoda Trust Chairman Ramesh Mutha congratulated

Jodhpur.  Rajendra Sankhala and co-coordinator Gautam Salecha of Samata Bhairav ​​Vatika Nakoda hostel of 200 students built on Pal Road in Jodhpur today assumed office, during this Shri Nakoda Parshwanath Teerth Trust Mandal Chairman Ramesh Mutha while congratulating said that Jain students  In this hostel equipped with modern and basic facilities of Jodhpur, best arrangements have been made for the stay of 200 students, all the facilities have been specially taken care of for the arrangements of the students.

 Rajendra Sankhla, coordinator of Bhairav ​​Vatika Nakoda Hostel, said that a library has also been specially built in the hostel for the students' studies, as well as the entire campus is air-conditioned, RO water will be available 24 hours and computers with beds in each room.  A table has also been arranged for each student and to make them feel like home, a modern dining room has been built in the hostel for pure and sattvic food and a small temple has also been built in the hostel premises itself so that the students who study  He could also worship the Lord.

 Social worker Omprakash Chopra congratulated while taking the charge and told that modern hostel has been built for the students in Jodhpur, in which Jain students will get home like environment, and the problem of students staying in Jodhpur for studies has been solved to a large extent.  Will end

 Gyaniram Malu, Nagendra Prakash Sancheti, Anil Kumbhat, Mukesh Nahar etc. were present during taking charge.