Sabal Singh Bhati, the founder of Niharika Times, created a different identity in Rajasthan

One of the engaging newspapers and leading Hindi news websites Niharika Times, has emerged as credible ones. Niharika Times Group, the parent brand, has expanded readership in all key markets in a short period. Sabal Singh Bhati, the respected head editor, is the driving force behind the respected newspaper in Rajasthan's Jodhpur Division. The newspaper takes a trustworthy and authentic style, making it the people's first option.

Sabal Bhati has worked with some of the renowned print and electronic media companies, including Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Navjyoti, during his career as a veteran journalist and State Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists Organization. The well-known journalist began his career by working for Rajasthan Patrika in Pali. During his early years as a journalist, he covered a wide range of topics. In April 2020, the Niharika Group, realizing the importance of the digital era, created the online Hindi Portal. Politics, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, employment, and education are all covered by the e-portal.

The Niharika Group is responsible for uncovering countless phony encounters that made the front pages of major publications. The fake encounter case of Kamlesh Prajapati was one of them, and it left the Rajasthan Police vulnerable under the given conditions. On April 22, 2021, the incident took place. On May 31, 2021, the case was also transferred to a higher command. Niharika Times has established a name for itself in the public eye. Hindi readers in the Jodhpur Division preferred to read the Niharika Times Newspaper to quench their news thirst. The newspaper managed to focus on National News and regional stories on crime, murder, politics, and policy.

Due to the fall in the circulation of all significant national newspapers due to Covid, Niharika Times was founded in 2020 to deliver stories and news relevant to the general people. One of the primary motivations for starting the newspaper was to meet the demand for the Hindi language daily called 'Sandhya Newspaper.' The name 'Niharika' approximately translates to 'Nebula,' which means Galaxy in English.


On the online Hindi News Portal, e-paper capabilities have also been added. Niharika Times is sweeping the news sector with its descriptive power, excellent storytelling forms, and original content. In the future, they hope to cover more stories about the welfare of society since they believe in providing the most satisfactory service to its readers.