Sudhir Bishnoi is Setting new Dimensions of Journalism Through Media Manthan Group

Young talents from villages Talented young generation from streets of small villages are now reaching we have an amazing example of a small town boy who is now a founder of a big you tube handle and social media platform Known as ‘Media Manthan News ’ Let us take a look on an inspiring story of a small town boy , Sudhir bishnoi , who is a journalist, a social worker, coming from a farmer’s family and a rural area he surely knows how to give other good opportunities and work for the welfare of the society. In the blue city JODHPUR, this era of changing social media, when the future of an ordinary person shines, it is not known that yes, today we are talking about the journalist, son of a farmer who has been very famous on social media for some time. Born in an ordinary farmer family of Jodhpur called Rajasthan's cultural city, Sudhir Bishnoi received his early education from his native village and after that he joined Jai Narayan Vyas University, the largest in western Rajasthan for higher education and from there After graduation, he did his MA in Journalism from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. Received degree.


 During a conversation with our institute, Sudhir Bishnoi has told that his family always wanted Sudhir Bishnoi to join the Indian Army and protect the country, because his family's special attachment has always been with the army. But Sudhir Bishnoi believed that if he gets a government job then his scope will be limited and keeping this in mind, Sudhir Bishnoi decided that he should raise the voice of the common human, poor, farmers and unemployed people of India. In the early days of Sudhir Bishnoi started his career on social media through YouTube, in 2018, he faced a lot of problems but then he took the issues of public interest through social media very seriously and people with him His engagement grew and gradually he became very popular on social media, as well as working with many reputed media channels in India.


 But he felt that the nature of present day journalism is changing completely, in such a situation, he should raise his own issues by creating his own platform. So that they can be directly connected with the public and their issues can be raised prominently and with this, they launched their own website . He started working with new talents and new technologies and skills to m run with nowadays trend. When journalist Sudhir bishnoi used to work to spread the news to the public through his journalism and in the meantime he always kept his views on the issues of farming, farming, poor and unemployed, that is why on social media people called him the son of a farmer a journalist Started and gradually this name became very popular and today they are known by the name of journalist Sudhir Bishnoi , the son of the farmer. Sudhir Bishnoi ‘s hardworking journey is an impeccable and remarkable thought.